Epilepsy awareness photo project.


Epilepsy kids.

The project consists of photographs of kids with different types of epilepsy. Everyone has a story of variety difficulties. Each photo symbolizes one of these difficulties.

Yuval – 16 – is an amazing girl.
Born with Sturge Weber Syndrome and epilepsy with seizures invisible in the EEG test, at the age of one year and two months she had an epileptic seizure that led to the start of medication. The miracle happened and now she doesn’t have seizures and doesn’t take medications for epilepsy. The image of Yuval symbolizes hope.

Adi 19,5 suffering from rare Double Cortex Syndrome (there only 100 people in the world with this syndrome) that causes mental disability and uncontrolled epilepsy. Adi has tried all the medicine in Israel and around the world, cannabis, Vagus nerve stimulation and a keto diet for 3 years. She was never balanced. Adi has seizures every day, all the day and all the night Lennox-Gastaut type seizures. Maybe one day will be found the medicine or solution that will balance her. Adi loves music and learning it.

Julie is 11 years old, a smiling girl full of love, loves to dance. As a result of the fall and breaking her leg during the attack, she suffers from complex regional pain syndrome and severe pain.

Elroy – 4 years old – is diagnosed with a very rare, unbalanced and drug-resistant epilepsy type – Myoclonic Atonic Epilepsy or Doose syndrome. Elroy is a real hero, a smart and intelligent boy who loves history and especially Ben Gurion. His dream is that Israeli people will succeed in establishing an exemplary society in Israel just like Ben Gurion dreamed. Elroy is proud of his disorder and at his young age understands the importance of raising awareness for epilepsy and understanding by everyone what he is going through and what kids with epilepsy going through every day.

Gili 12-year-old girl is diagnosed with a rare syndrome called TSC is unbalanced, drug-resistant epilepsy. The pace of her life is different from the pace of the world around her. The idea of the clock was so suitable for her. 

Liel – 14 – at the age of a year and a half had a febrile seizure for the first time.
When she got the second seizure epilepsy was diagnosed.
On her 11th birthday Liel lost consciousness in the bathroom when the house was full of girls who prepared a surprise party for her.
From the age of 11 she went out of hormonal balance and got seizures every month – focal seizures and absence seizures. The doctors talked about surgery. Liel suffers from a developmental delay and experiences emotional difficulties characterized by loneliness.

Ofir – 7 year old – is a charming boy who was diagnosed with epilepsy since he was born. He is a sociable boy who always seeks a lot of warmth and love, but as a result of the disease he suffers from developmental delay, which causes difficulties in studies and lack of self-confidence, those lead to social difficulties.

Jonathan 4 years old was born with left-sided hemiplegia cerebral palsy, and bilateral hearing impairment and with developmental delay. Jonathan was diagnosed with focal epilepsy at the age of two. Jonathan is being treated with three medications and is still unbalanced. In spite of all the seizures and hospitalizations, tests and medications Jonathan always with smile on his face, a beloved and loving child full of joy of life.

Shira – 13 years old – has epilepsy from kindergarten. She has an aura before a seizure that alerts her that the attack is coming. Shira’s epilepsy is balanced but during day and night she has seizures. She faces anxiety a lot.
Due to the difficulties she moved to a school for kids with learning disabilities. Shira loves to dance and sing.

Gaya is 9 and a half years old. She was a happy, self-confident and very sociable girl before she got her first Absence seizures at the age of six. The day before her 6th birthday she had her first Tonic–clonic seizure.
She started school with medications. About a month and a half after starting school she had a week that she experienced at least one seizure every day at school and each time arrived in ambulance to a hospital. Since then she has also been in emotional therapy that helps her deal with the feelings of helplessness, of the sense of difference and overcoming the tantrums she experiences as part of the side effects of her medication and of the feeling that no one understands her.

Yoav – 13 – was diagnosed with epilepsy in November 2020. It started with absence seizures. During the visit to psychologist due to incidents of violence at school the doctor suggested a neurologist test and an EEG test. The result seemed to be normal but at the neurologist clinic Yoav had his first tonic-clonic seizure and immediately started medication. Yoav also had a Tonic-clonic attack during night as his brother found him bruised on the floor. At a friend’s Bat Mitzva party he was forced to go outside and could not enjoy the party because flashing lights cause seizures in epilepsy patients. Yoav has not yet reached balance.