One to one photography workshop – day and hours to be chosen.

Example of program for workshop with duration of 3 hours – one and a half hour of shooting outdoor or in studio and one and a half hour retouching (in class or online).

Shooting lesson includes:

-first idea/inspiration

-styling and preparing


-choosing the right composition,

-right parameters of the camera,

-angles and posing,

-choosing the light

-using accessories and “helpers”.


Retouch lesson includes (recorded):

-choosing images,

-basic retouch in Camera Raw:

-white balance, highlights/shadows, H/S/L, sharpening.

-retouch in Photoshop:

-face retouching,

-background cleaning and retouch,

-lights and shadows,

-colours retouching – curves, H/S/L

-adjustment layers and masks,


-hiding and exposing parts of the image,

-creating atmosphere.


Gears needed:

DSLR or Mirrorless camera, lens, laptop or writing tools.


The retouch lesson is recorded and you will receive the record for unlimited views!!!


Price: 180 USD per hour.